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Where learning and the real world collide.

Metropolitan Schoolhouse empowers diverse learners to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Our whole-child, individualized curriculum provides the academic rigor our students deserve and the social-emotional support they need.

Traditional learning environments have not evolved to support the growing number of today’s students who learn differently – until Metro.

Learning redefined.

We are redefining the learning environment through innovation and customization.

Metro is the only school in Chicago that fills the gap between a mainstream and therapeutic school by pairing academic excellence with the social-emotional support so diverse learners can reach their greatest potential.

We serve bright students in senior kindergarten up through 12th grade who learn differently due to anxiety, ADHD, processing and other learning concerns. Our experienced and dedicated faculty understand how to recognize and cultivate each student’s talents and abilities so they can achieve their life long goals.

Individualized learning model

Inquiry based, hand-on lessons

Global Skill Development

Our philosophy ignites the mission.

We believe in fostering a sense of community in the classroom to curate an environment where compassion, respect, responsibility, self-discipline, and perseverance thrive.

We cultivate a system of mutual support from school, home, and the community so students will be given enriching opportunities to learn outside of the classroom.

We lean into our holistic approach to education supports students in learning, practicing and mastering effective communication, leadership, critical thinking and conflict resolution skills.

A proven education strategy.

Here, students are given the opportunity to learn valuable life skills that cannot be attained in a traditional classroom – alongside gaining valuable knowledge to achieve a high level of academic success.

Metropolitan Schoolhouse changed our son’s life. It changed our family’s life. Our son just didn’t fit into your traditional school environment. He struggled with schoolwork and had a hard time making friends. At Metro, he has found his identity. He has a lot of friends now, and he is happy to go to school every day. We looked everywhere for the right fit for our son, and have found Metro to be the only school of its kind. I simply can’t think of a better fit for our son.

7th Grade Parent

We are so thrilled to have found Metropolitan School House. My kiddo spent 7 years at an excellent public school but alas it was not a good fit as his learning difference could not be addressed in a large classroom. Nor could he access the curriculum, when he was chronically anxious. Metro does an amazing job at accessing a child’s academic, social and emotional needs, a whole child assessment, if you will. Then a plan is crafted to build on the skills and the opportunities. My kiddo has found his joy of learning again and is growing as a young human.

7th Grade Parent

Metropolitan Schoolhouse has been such a gift to our family. Our second grader feels confident and happy as a student. He is challenged with work well above his grade level, supported where he needs to be and pushed when appropriate. In the two years he’s been at Metro, he has come into his own, and matured socially and emotionally. He’s excited to go to school each day and comes home with a smile and stories of his day.

2nd Grade Parent

Become a Metro family.

If you’re interested in applying to join our Metro family, we strongly encourage you to do so. We’ll invite you in for a tour and get a jump start on making sure we’re a great fit!