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Flexibility is our secret-sauce for academic success.

Our desire to meet a student’s unique needs, interests, and aspirations is of the foremost importance at Metropolitan Schoolhouse. We make flexibility a core focus when making curricular decisions. If a student is not able to thrive in a class, we make our best effort to present modifications and set into action an individualized plan that ensures they are receiving the most effective learning experiences.

Curriculum for all grade levels.

High School

Our primary goal for each of our high school students is college preparedness. That said, this goal goes beyond college admission. Our aim is for our high school students to not only be knowledgeable when in regards to academic content, but be competent in life skills necessary for success in college and beyond. In order to achieve this goal, we integrate community service and real world application throughout the academic program.

Because of our small class sizes we are able to create differentiated learning programs for each of our students that foster a love of learning while aiding them in achieving individual goals. Our classes and schedules vary each year depending on our student population. Each year we develop groupings of core academic and extracurricular classes that meet the diverse needs of our students.

Kindergarten – 8th grade

The transdisciplinary units of inquiry are the foundation of the teaching and learning that occurs in the four K-8 pods. These units of inquiry provide a structure for teaching a wide variety of academic content authentically by connecting it to a greater global context.

Metropolitan Schoolhouse has chosen to utilize the study of science and social studies as the foundation of our transdisciplinary units throughout the school year. That said, the content that students are covering in their Mathematics and English Language Arts classes will have significant crossover into the day by day teaching and learning. The weekly schedule will have time for subject specific classes as well as dedicated Unit of Inquiry time.

We teach beyond the core disciplines…

Our education models cultivate real-world learning experiences. We integrate core subject matter into our classrooms to achieve dynamic and practical learning that incentives student engagement.


Content is best learned when it is applied. Through hands-on practice of the scientific method along with integration of our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Science) initiative, we aim to bring real world application and multi sensory learning into every science lesson, whether it is part of the transdisciplinary units of inquiry or a regularly scheduled science class.

English Language Arts

We strive to help students build a variety of reading and writing skills that will not only serve as a foundation for learning, but also support the communication of thoughts, opinions, and ideas as we serve as contributors to our community both in and out of school.


We bring real world application, and multi sensory learning, into every science lesson, whether it is part of the transdisciplinary units of inquiry or a regularly scheduled science class.

History & Social Studies

History and social studies are the foundation of intercultural understanding. These subjects are heavily integrated into the transdisciplinary units of inquiry as well as having a specific time of study in the weekly schedule. We strive for cross curricular study in which the texts read in ELA will reflect the content discussed in History.

Holistic Learning Classes

We seek to facilitate the development of the whole child by providing time and space for learning to take place in a variety of avenues. Each year we evaluate our student population and create a comprehensive program with the aim of fostering essential life skills. Past Holistic Learning has included Movement, Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts, Health, Library, and independent research classes.

Foreign Language

All students, at all grade levels, participate in foreign language courses. Our primary foreign language is Spanish and is taught by a fluent Spanish speaker. Spanish is taught in a multi-modality approach which focuses on building Spanish language proficiency through a wide range of listening, speaking, writing, and reading activities. We also take advantage of the vibrant Spanish speaking communities here in Chicago by arranging field trips throughout the year that provide students authentic experiences to practice and improve their Spanish.

…and we love to get extra-curricular.

Effective learning extends beyond the classroom. We bring experts into the classroom and embark on field trips to apply and integrate learning in an authentic context. Plus, we lead weekly clubs that enrich students’ learning and pilot new programs that match every child’s interests.

Social Club

Social Club will give our students an opportunity to interact with peers in community-based settings beyond the classroom. In Social Club, we’ll practice “hanging out, act as the “social committee” for Metro by preparing for special projects/day, continue building on school-based relationships, increase confidence in community spaces, and have a ball!

Chef Metro

From reading recipes to shopping for ingredients to cooking delicious delights, dive into Metro’s first full culinary experience! By the end of this club we’ll have the skills needed to plan and create a multi course meals – including appetizers, entrees, and dessert!